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CAD/ Mechanical Design

Mechanical Engineering Service

Engineering design is the art and science of making things work. From the largest hydroelectric dam to the smallest microprocessor, engineers are the people who figure out how to turn far-flung ideas and impossible dreams into the everyday products and machines that we take for granted.

We offer a full range of professional engineering services for product design, mechanical design, and architectural projects. Our leading network includes civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers is ready to take on projects of any scale. We’ll pair you with the services your project needs to meet and exceed your goals while staying on budget.

Our flexible engineering services are fully customisable to suit the requirements and timeline of your project. Whether you’re looking to bring on short-term help to meet a rush deadline, or are seeking to hire a long-term engineering consultant, with BLUEBERRY CAT you can hire the professional help you need precisely when you need it.


Our Engineering Services:

• Engineering Design
• Mechanical Engineering
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Environmental
• Structural Engineering
• Finite Element Analysis
• Thermal Analysis


BLUEBERRY CAT stands apart from conventional engineering companies by offering a complete range of design, freelance 3D modelling, drafting and engineering CAD services. We connect you with the professionals you need, whether it’s expert architects, engineer, or both. And without the overheads associated with operating a traditional engineering design firm, we’re able to offer high calibre services at a fraction of the price.

Engineering Services Combine Form and Function:

What’s the point in spending time and energy developing a product that simply doesn’t work? In every field, good design maintains just as much an emphasis on real-world functionality as it does on providing an innovative solution. Conceptual designs that aren’t grounded realistically by the physical constraints of production and extended operation will always result either in expensive redesigns down the road, or in disappointed customers and stakeholders.

Working with technically skilled designers right from the beginning ensures that your project won’t fall into this trap. A talented engineer will help you to produce a reliable product in a timely manner without encountering costly mistakes. That means a better and ultimately more profitable design.
Our network of engineers has worked with clients to design everything from oil and gas skids and mixer thanks to retractable pens.
Let us know about your project. We’ll evaluate your requirements and provide you with a free estimate. Get a quote now, and connect with experienced engineering professionals.

Our Commitment is Quality Service:

Digital technology is changing the way companies do business and is opening the doors to all new ways for individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies to connect with global talent. We believe that open innovation and new platforms for creative collaboration are a powerful opportunity for growth. Our aim is to provide our clients with instant and easy access to high-calibre engineering and CAD design services. We help clients leverage the incredible efficiencies that digital technologies and online tools offer.
Through BLUEBERRY CAT, you have instant access to a roster of professional and experienced technical drafters and engineers with experience in everything from structural analysis to machine design to electrical drafting. Our top-ranked engineers understand the engineering design process and are ready to pick up with you wherever you are in the cycle.

We’re ready to help with:

• Initial research: reverse engineering, locating information, identifying existing solutions.
• Analyzing the design requirements: establishing the problem definition and identifying needed functions and specifications
• Assessing feasibility: analyzing project potential for informed decision making.
• Ideation/Conceptualization: brainstorming, risk assessment, and evaluation of proposed solutions.
• Preliminary designs: schematics, technical drawings, layouts, and diagrams to create the general framework of the design
• Final design: elaboration of preliminary designs, solid modeling, identification of material and packaging requirements.
• Production planning and tool design: preparing for mass production.

We’re here to help you bring your product to market, whatever it is. Our engineers have worked in every imaginable industry. From aerospace design to automotive to medical devices and everything in between. Our engineers understand material stress requirements, load calculations, functional analysis, and health and safety requirements.

We are based in the United Kingdom and cater primarily to clients from the UK and EU. We understand the local manufacturing industry and the constraints and possibilities within which design firms operate. We stand behind our services and are ready to help you in any way that we can.
Get a free estimate now for world-class design services, quick turnaround, and fair prices, look now further than BLUEBERRY CAT.


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