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Mechanical Design

Mechanical Engineering Service

Mechanical Engineers apply theory and scientific principles to real world applications. A combination of materials science, physics, and other principles are teamed with the principles of design and innovation to plan, create, and solve problems. An effective Engineer may use modern techniques and technologies to fulfil these goals however the active role of Engineers have been around for centuries.

Having an expert in Mechanical Engineering on your project who is capable of performing a plethora of tasks across a variety of engineering segments is vital of success. Segments such as CAD designing, static analysis, life-cycle management, etc. Our team have experiences covering Medical, Robotic, Industrial, Consumer, Mechanical Systems and other sectors.

Medical, Robotic, Industrial, Consumer, Mechanical Systems

The Mechanical aspects of a design are one of the key components to analyse throughout any engineering project. Innovative design offers benefits of improved efficiency, performance, high level of environmental suitability, enhanced user experience, low manufacturing costs, and sustainability.

Engineers also make close consideration with the physical aspects such as material selection and understanding this process is vital. The materials of choice are expected to withstand the various degrees of loading and impact we impart on them and must cope well under certain conditions caused by the elements. Engineers must also factor costs of material and manufacturing and how to minimise. The safety of the user and 3rd party individuals are priority in most cases and the materials analysis helps to avoid any incidents and can foresee any failures which helps to avoid unfortunate events.
Any workman is considered to be as good as his tools and this is more so with Engineers. Tools such as 21st Century CAD packages aid in the design processes and improve efficiency by reducing time. Any interaction with the environment will result in the fluid flow analysis to maximise performance or to analyse heat dissipation such as an underwater oil pipeline. The static and dynamic analyses paint a picture of the type of environment which the end product may be exposed to and how these effects may be mitigated through the use of clever design.

BLUEBERRY CAT is comprised of a dedicated team of highly skilled Engineers and Designers. Providing a consistent and high quality service with accuracy and precision. A team of professionals and experienced individuals offering an easy and pain-free experience.

Our highly competent service breaks stereotypical barriers to innovation and progress and offers a diverse range of services to meet your demands. BLUEBERRY CAT understands how deadlines can be tight and the importance surrounding projects delivered on time. The dedicated team deploy modern technologies and collaborate to deliver complex tasks.


Our Mechanical Design Services:

• Engineering Analysis
• Finite Element Analysis
• Thermal Modeling
• Tolerance Fit Analysis
• Fluid Analysis
• Failure Mode Analysis
• 3D Modelling
• Material Selections


An engineering service created to meet all your project needs, BLUEBERRY CAT are the professional team of Engineers and Designers who are able to work with future innovators and entrepreneurs. By applying engineering to our business model, we offer a first-class engineering service whilst operating at and charging a fraction of the costs when compared to other engineering firms.

We operate on a pay by hour basis or by pre-determined milestones. Therefore you will only pay upon commencement of the project. We can provide everything you need and help you through every step of the way to complete your project within budget and on time.

Our team are highly skilled and experienced in their fields which gives the customer the confidence that they will be capable of completion of work to a high standard, meeting all customer specifications.

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